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sQool is designed to provide youth visibility and community through queer arts programming. We engage youth and adults in schooling environments, community centers, and other education venues throughout the region.  

sQool is fluid and adaptable to meet the wants, needs, and goals of our partners!

Below are some examples of what sQool has looked like. 

  • In-class residencies

    • Connecting Dreams of Hope teaching artists with classroom teachers

    • Collaborative curriculum aligned with common core standards

    • Includes arts practice and dialogue on LGBTQA+ themes

  • Out-of-class residencies

    • ​Delivered in partnership with GSAs and other allies,

    • Engages students in creation and conversation on LGBTQA+ topics

  • Professional development trainings for adults who work with young people

  • One-time creative workshops inside or outside the classroom

  • Pop-up creative activities at festivals and events


If you are interested in working with us, we would be excited to create a program that is tailored to you. Let us know how we can work together by connecting with our Educational Program Director Bekezela Mguni using the contact form below.


Students, parents, and educators alike are all welcome to reach out! 

I am a(n) ...

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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