We deliver quality arts programming to engage people

of all ages in conversations about queer themes and the

lived experiences of LGBTQ people.



theatriQ Touring Performances.

Our youth performers will come to your location and perform

thought-provoking original songs, spoken word, theater, and music.


A thorough Q & A accompanies each performance.


Touring performances are customized to fit your needs and range from 10-40

minutes. They are a great fit for businesses, schools, places of worship, and

any other organization interested in conversations about LGBTQ folks and their




theatriQ Workshops.

A teaching artist and a team of youth will engage your group in an art-making

activity that explores LGBTQ themes.


These workshops are tailored for your group, range from 2-3 hours, and can

engage up to 30 participants at a time. Workshops are a great fit for staff

training, teacher development, or student engagement.



sQool Residencies.


In-school programs connect our artist educators with classroom teachers to

augment curricula with arts practice and dialogue on queer themes in allignment

with Common Core standards.


Afterschool programs engage students in conversations on LGBTQ themes

through the arts.


Programs are customized to fit the needs of your institution and can range

from six weeks to a full year. Programs are suitable for schools, community

organizations, or any other educational enterprise committed to engaging in

LGBTQ conversations with young people.




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