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Board of Directors and Staff.

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Traditional nonprofit boards operate using a top-down hierarchical structure modeled on for-profit corporate boards. The Board of Directors at Dreams of Hope is comprised of three cohorts of stakeholders who are integral to the programs, culture, and financial stability of the organization.

  • The Volunteer cohort is made up of adult professionals such as artists and financial and legal experts.

  • The Youth cohort is made up of youth participants from our programs or in the community-at-large.

  • The Staff cohort is made up of all current staff members at Dreams of Hope.

Each cohort is led by a co-coordinator and together the co-coordinators oversee the running of meetings and other important duties necessary for running the organization. 

Ada Gay Griffin


Staff cohort

Development Director

Ashanti Duncan


Staff cohort, Co-coordinator

Operations Manager

Rachel Rosnick


Volunteer cohort, Board Secretary

Staff Attorney – Expansion Unit, KidsVoice

Bekezela Mguni


Staff cohort

Artistic Director

Susan Haugh

any pronouns

Volunteer cohort

Program Manager, Belwin Conservancy

Amanda Howard


Volunteer cohort, Board Treasurer

Consulting Manager, Sisterson & Co., LLP

kai (malachiah) koehler


Staff cohort

Program Assistant

O.Ë. (Zoë) Zelmanovich


Volunteer cohort, Board HR Coordinator

Book Indexer
Contractor, PinUp Posters Courier Collective
Member, East End Food Co-op

Terrance McGeorge


Volunteer cohort, Co-coordinator

Employee, Olive Garden
Linkage to Care Coordinator, Allies for Health and Wellbeing

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