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Dreams of Hope celebrates 20 seasons

join the party

Meet and mingle with dozens of artists, alum, and young creatives from Dreams of Hope’s diverse community.


The family-friendly event will feature activities, art displays, live performances, food kiosks, vendors, a merry-go-round, and (of course) music and dancing!

watch our 20th youth devised production

In this year’s show, metamorphosis: a daring emergence, an eclectic group of friends get sucked into their new video game. Inside, the obstacles of the game mirror the struggles they are facing in real life. Will they be able to face the embodiment of life’s challenges and escape the game? Or will their difficulties accepting themselves cause them to be left behind?

About us

In 2003, Susan Haugh (any pronouns) recognized the need for creative outlets and positive queer role models for the youth of Pittsburgh. So, Susan founded our organization and invited the youth to choose our name! Dreams of Hope has been providing a welcoming, creative environment for queer and Trans young people ever since.

In 2024, the power of young people, intersectional experiences, art and education, accessibility, mentorship, community, and queer joy remain vital parts of our work creating ecosystems in which queer young people can flourish.

We are proud of the work we have done and the spaces we have created for not just young queer people, but for queer folks of all ages. Skilled artists have worked with hundreds of LGBTQ+ youth as teaching artists, instructors, mentors, and facilitators since our founding. Our programs and events allow young people to convene and connect as their unapologetically unique selves.

We have immense gratitude for those who have been supporting us throughout these last 20 years. We would love for you to consider celebrating with us! Attend Art in Bloom on Saturday June 1st or make a financial contribution to help us sustain our work.

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