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Transformative Arts Process Recipients

Dreams of Hope is proud to announce that two of our youth Ensemble members, TJ Hurt and Breydon Prioleau are each the recipients of the Heinz Endowments Transformative Arts Process Young Artists grant for 2017-2018. They will be embarking upon creative projects including a narrative podcast and web-based comic that speak to and explore the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people of color. 

TJ Hurt

I am a youth artist in the Pittsburgh region with a focus on creating art catered towards queer people of color. I’m as much a barista, as I am a director, in the same way that I’m as much of a writer, as a visual artist. As a member of Dreams of Hope and through I’m able to create media and space that allows LGBTQ youth to feel comfortable and validated in their identity. I’m eager to employ the usage of writing and visual art and the various ways they intersect as a means for creative expression. Finding a balance of metaphorical devices and explicit conversations around oppression is something I’m passionate about in my work.

Breydon Prioleau

I currently attend Carlow University for Art Education. I love learning and education and honestly I hate being away from school, guess that’s why I want to become a teacher! I love art and video games. I am a graphic designer, fiber artist, writer and illustrator. I am focused on community engagement and service through my artistic practice. I am able to work with LGBTQ youth through Dreams of Hope and share my gifts, skills and talents as an actor and lead member of the visual arts team of the theatriQ Ensemble.

Here is a link to Breydon's Patreon where you can learn more about his web comic HyperCORE and make a donation to support his work.

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