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Jaqob Harris

xe/xem/xyr, he/him/his

teaching artist (theatriQ)


Jaqob Harris is a Pittsburgh native singer-songwriter, musician, and poet, grounding much of their time and art as a local Activist for Queer and BIPOC communities. Xe initially started his journey in music through Dreams of Hope. He had since gone on to attend school at CCAC for Music Technology and joined the Homewood Lighthouse Project Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program in audio production, interning to record local artists in the city.

Jaqob opened for singer Shea Diamond in People’s Pride: Black Trans Lives Matter Too, as well as had multiple artist featured performances for Pittsburgh Non-Profit, The Queer Platform for Social Justice, under xyr artist name, Jaqob Dorian. He has been a song composer for Prime Stage Theater’s production of In the Time of the Butterflies and was a soundboard operator for productions with Prime Stage Theater, Kinetic Theatre, and The Hiawatha Project.

Jaqob is working on a new music project alongside his time as a teaching artist with Dreams of Hope, follow below to keep updated!

insta: jaqob_dorian

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