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Qamp Activities.

Here are the awesome classes we offered in 2015 -- check back to see what's on the block for next year!

Call and Response

with Maybe Jairan Sadeghi


Artists find inspiration everywhere. Artists even inspire other artists and makers with their work. Here, you'll use a song, play, book, comic, movie or other piece of visual art that you love to inform and drive our own creative impulse. We'll also have mini art "clinics" where we learn to draw from anatomy, still life and other useful skills to have in your art toolbox. 


with Cavanaugh Quick


The United States is currently experiencing some of the most intense internal social struggles of its entire history. Luckily for us, this means we are also seeing some of the most amazing responsies from activists and organizers all across the nation -- and they do the best work when they are supporting each other. In this session we will work together to examine the ways that identities like race, gender, sexual orientation and more work together to create systems of oppression and privilege and how we can use them to love and care for one another whole-heartedly. 

Songwriting: sing your story, tell your song 

with Brad Yoder


There's a songwriter inside everyone!  (Ask any 4-year-old.) Discover yours, or develop it further. 



This summer we will stretch and work our visionary muscles to form a multi-media campaign aimed at challenging the problems, worries, and injustices weighing on our world and our hearts. Throughout camp we will work on creating videos, photos, animations, and screen prints, advocating for the changes we wish to see. These efforts will ensure that at the end of camp, each of us will leave with our own rebel-rousing-revolution starter kit. 

Intro to Improv

with Molly Graham


Do you like Key and Peele? Parks and Recreation? Wondering how those people got so funny? IMPROV. Join us to learn the fundamentals of creating comedy right off the top of your head! By exploring both short form and long form improv techniques, we'll learn to communicate, listen and support each other while we create interesting characters and scenes right there on the stage. There's no writing, no planning - just get up and start making big, fun choices with your friends. We'll show you all the tools you've already got to be an improv pro. SNL, here we come!

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