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Thank you for your interest in Qamp. It is with great sadness that we have to say that we cannot accept applications this year. 


Qamp has grown at a rapid rate over the last three years. We have worked hard to support the community’s obvious need, including changing locations and hiring a deeply committed staff. However, Qamp has grown to a point well beyond our capacity. It is no longer possible for us to expand without putting the safety and accessibility of our programs at risk. To do so would jeopardize our ability to provide sustainable, thoughtful, and radical programming for LGBTQIA+ young folks.


It is our sincere wish that everyone could go to Qamp. We know it is a crucial and powerful experience, and we are heartbroken that we aren't able to make it a reality for all of our applicants.

We appreciate your support, and your patience with us in the face of bad news. Please know that we are still working hard to create and deliver more programs that will continue to reach broader audiences. We hope we get to work with you someday soon.

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