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Tea Prioleau

any pronouns

teaching artist (theatriQ), theatriQ alum

Artistic/Illustrative Content Creator, Character Designer

Representing the unincluded, unaccepted, and underrepresented is the creator known as Breydon Prioleau. A character designer and content creator by trade with a passion for creating inclusive, diverse, and representative works, his work primarily feature’s LGBT and BIPOC individuals. Breydon was born and raised in a small borough called Homestead, right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began his art journey in the womb, cultivating and gaining new skills as he grew.   

Originally a traditional pen and paper artist, he made the change to digital art as he began his professional career in June 2020, giving himself the name Tiny.Goblin.Art. Breydon has been quickly expanding his roaster of unique original characters now numbering over 150, using Clip Studio Paint. 50% of his characters are roughly based on his own lived experience, growing up poor, Queer and Black. While the other 50% are used to give voices to others' lived experiences. Breydon shows off these designs primarily on his Instagram account, feel free to check it out here!  



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