Maree ReMalia.


Movement Artist



Maree ReMalia is a dance artist currently based in Pittsburgh, PA where merrygogo is her platform for creating project-based performance works with communities of shifting collaborators. Born in South Korea and raised in Medina, OH, Maree earned her MFA in dance at the Ohio State University and her BA in Education for Social Change and Cultural Studies at Prescott College (AZ). In 2012, Maree earned her certification to teach theGaga movement language through the first official Gaga Teacher Training program in Tel Aviv, Israel. 


Artist's Statement:

I create performance works and facilitate movement experiences as a means of arriving at new discoveries and building community. I like how environments for movement can draw diverse populations together. My creative endeavors are fueled by my daily encounters and ever-shifting perceptions. I am interested in the particulars of people, places, and things. Using movement as my medium, I aim to uncover the unfamiliar. Through considered observations, I seamlessly weave together seemingly unlikely or contradictory elements. I want to embrace the vast range of human experience, which means situating darkness with the comedic, virtuosity with the pedestrian, and novelty with comfort.