Board of Directors and Staff.

Traditional nonprofit boards operate using a top-down hierarchical structure modeled on for-profit corporate boards. The Board of Directors at Dreams of Hope is comprised of 3 cohorts of stakeholders who are integral to the programs, culture, and financial stability of the organization.

  • The Volunteer cohort is made up of adult professionals such as artists and financial and legal experts.

  • The Youth cohort is made up of youth participants from our programs or in the community-at-large.

  • The Staff cohort is made up of all current staff members at Dreams of Hope.

Each cohort is led by a co-coordinator and together the co-coordinators oversee the running of meetings and other important duties necessary for running the organization. 

Amanda Howard


Board Treasurer, Volunteer cohort

Consulting Manager, Sisterson & Co., LLP

Malchiah (Kai) Koehler


Staff cohort

Program Assistant

Rachel Rosnick


Board Secretary, Volunteer cohort

Staff Attorney – Expansion Unit, KidsVoice

Bekezela Mguni


Staff cohort

Educational Program Director

Manuel Garzon


Co-coordinator, Volunteer cohort

Assistant Professor, Mount St. Mary's University

Susan Haugh

any pronouns

Volunteer cohort

Program Manager, Belwin Conservancy

David Warga


Co-coordinator, Staff cohort

Administrative Director

O.Ë. (Zoë) Zelmanovich


Board HR Coordinator, Volunteer cohort

Self-employed Book Indexer
Contractor, PinUp Posters Courier Collective
Member, East End Food Co-op

Terrance McGeorge


Volunteer cohort

Employee, Olive Garden
Linkage to Care Coordinator, Allies for Health and Wellbeing